The Tepui Hybox Rooftop Tent is suitable for cars, trucks, 4x4s, and almost any other standard vehicle able to be fitted with a roof rack. The tent can be popped open in a matter of seconds, allowing you to instantly set up camp wherever you park – just find a great spot with a nice view, park the car, and pop the tent open. Job done.

Inside the tent you’ll find a comfortable 3” thick 40 lb foam mattress with a removable cotton cover and an interior upper lined with reinforced quilted insulation for sound dampening and cold weather insulation.

The top and bottom of the tent are made from a tough 5mm ABS with both UV inhibitors and color fade inhibitors that’ll do a great job of protecting you from inclement weather including snow, hail, and torrential rain.

The sides and canopies of the Tepui Hybox are made from a 260g cotton and polyester blend, coated to a waterproof rating of 3000mm. There’s a welded aluminum substructure for strength and a telescoping aluminium ladder that can be attached to either side, underneath an extendible canopy to provide protection from the elements while entering and exiting the tent.

Car rooftop tents have been surging in popularity in recent years due to the ease and convenience they offer, an impromptu camping weekend can now be planned and packed for in 15 minutes instead of 4+ hours.

The Tepui Hybox has the added benefit of dual functionality – can be used as a tent of course, but in its alternate setting it works as a rooftop storage device, allowing you to use 23 cubic feet of storage space. This is far more than most rooftop storage solutions, and the Hybox comes with a ladder to help with loading and unloading.

Both white and black tent shell designs are available, with either green or grey side sections. Tepui lists the tents as four season capable, they can accommodate two adults, they have a sleeping footprint of 51” x 81”, mesh screens on all four openings for bug-proofing, and a total weight of 155 lbs (without the ladder).

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