The M-550 Pro Paracord Bugout Frag™ is a survival grenade designed to contain everything you might need should you happen to find yourself spending some unplanned time in the wilderness.

Each Bugout Frag™ is made in the USA from 45 feet of 550 paracord, and internally each M-550 Pro Bugout Frag™ contains an LED flashlight, a mini pocket knife, a dog tag signal mirror, a Ferrocerium fire starter and striker, 30 feet of 12 lb fishing line, 4 fish hooks, 4 split shot fishing weights, 2 bobby pins, 2 butterfly sutures, a P38 can opener, 1 compressed towel tablet, 6 waterproof matches, 2 stormproof matches, jute twine, a needle and thread, a razor blade, 8 feet of military grade tripwire for snares, aluminium foil, a wire saw, 4 water purification tablets, 2 safety pins, a whistle buckle, 2 split rings, and 3 feet of electrical tape.

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