The Supercharged – Nitros Injected Koppa Kafe Racer

Bolting a supercharger onto the side of a Honda CB750, then adding nitros, seems like the work of a maniacal, café racer obessed genius. And in this case, that’s exactly what it is. Built by Carpy, the tattooed two-wheeled engineering whizz over at CB750 Café, the Supercharged CB750 is named “Koppa Kafe” due to the metallic copper paint used on the frame, tank and seat.

The build started with Carpy stripping down a stock CB750 he found in the desert and going over the frame with a fine-tooth comb, checking welds and adding strength as well as raking the neck out 5 degrees. The bike was then carefully built using all new or reconditioned parts. The supercharger took some work to fit and actually get working properly but after a few weeks work the engine spluttered to life and nearly blew the roof off of Carpy’s garage.

The addition of nitros oxide to a motorcycle seems like unbridled lunacy however it seems to suit the theme of this build, whether Carpy meant to or not he set about and built what I am fairly confident is the most extreme café racer ever made. The bike is currently listed for sale at $20,000 USD and until someone brave enough comes along, Carpy has the bike mounted on his workshop wall.

We’ve added a few more pictures as well as a video below, for more visit Carpy over at CB650 Café.

Via CB750 Café

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