Star Wars All Terrain Scout Transport Blueprints

I don’t know many men who aren’t die hard Star Wars aficionados. In fact come to think of it, I don’t know a single XY chromosome bearer who doesn’t border on the fanatical when it comes to Star Wars appreciation.

These are blueprints for the All Terrain Scout Transport, sometimes called the 2-legged walker or “chicken walker”. The AT-ST was featured in both The Empire Strikes Back and  Return of the Jedi, men and boys around the world instantly realised that they needed one of these for their own personal transport after seeing them on the big screen. Myself included.

Sadly “the future” has been a bit of a disappointment in the toy department, I’m still waiting for my Light Sabre, Hoverboard, flying DeLorean, Millennium Falcon, Speeder Bike and Phaser Gun.

If you’ve been looking for a hobby project and have some spare sheet metal lying around, you may want to get these plans printed full size and start building one. Let us know and we’ll come by and help. With beer.

Click the image above for the full scale version.

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