This is the Ragnar Throwing Axe from the World Axe Throwing League (WATL), it’s said to have been inspired by viking folklore and each comes with a roll of grip tape and a heat-shrink sleeve so owner’s can customize the axe to their personal preferences.

WATL was founded by Mario Zelaya in 2017. It was already a rapidly growing sport by this time, and he wanted to provide a way for axe throwing venues to standardize their rules, as well as organize national and international tournaments.

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Image DescriptionThe Ragnar Throwing Axe has a 17.5″ American hickory handle designed to be optimal for high-level competitive axe throwing.

Today the World Axe Throwing League has 334 affiliate venues around the world including many across the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea, South America, and even three in New Zealand.

Today WATL holds tournaments across multiple classes including hatchets, big axes, and duals, with champions named every year since 2019. It’s still a relatively young sport in many respects, and the speed at which it’s growing is astounding.

The Ragnar Throwing Axe

The Ragnar Throwing Axe is the newest design from the team at WATL, and it comes with an engraved head and an engraved handle – the head carries the symbol “Raidho” and the handle carries the symbols “Laguz, Teiwaz, Ansuz, and Wunjo.”

The axe has a throwing-specific head design that does away with the wedge-shape of classic felling axe, instead it has an ultra-thin profiled blade that was developed specifically to penetrate deep into the wooden target and ensure that the axe sticks in place reliably when thrown.

It has a straight 17.5″ American hickory handle with two notches engraved around the base to assist with consistent hand placement when throwing, for improved accuracy. The axe head is made from 1045 brushed carbon steel with an approximately blade length of 4″, a head weight of 1.68 lbs, and it comes with a sheath for safe storage and transport.

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Image DescriptionThe axe head is made from 1045 brushed carbon steel with an approximately blade length of 4″ and a head weight of 1.68 lbs.

The Ragnar Throwing Axe retails for $123.99 USD directly from the World Axe Throwing League online store, and they note that shipments to countries outside of North America may have local import duties/taxes charged on them.

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