The fourth generation Pontiac Le Mans was notably longer, wider and heavier than the previous iterations – this made the already tenuous connection to the French racing circuit even more vague than the Pontiac’s suspension.

Despite the sporting pretence, I actually do like the Pontiac Le Mans. It’s a car that you imagine being chased around Bay City by Starsky and Hutch, driven by a drug dealing pimp called “Snake” with a trunk full of illegal firearms. Their propensity for rust and their lack of perceived value has led to the model being significantly less common on American roads that they once were, which although good for the environment is a damn shame for people like me and Snake.

Surprisingly, clean survivors like the 1975 Le Mans you see here are exceedingly cheap. Like almost impulse buy cheap, especially when you consider the current price of gasoline. The car you see here is expected to sell for between $6,000 USD and $8,000 USD when it rolls across the auction block with American Auctions in Fort Lauderdale on the 27th of March 2015.

It’s fitted with the desirable 350 cubic inch V8 with air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, AM radio and original Rally II wheels. The interior is exactly as mid-70s as you might have hoped, with enough room to sleep a family of 6 if you happen to find yourself in need of temporary accommodation.

Click here to read more about this car, or to register to bid via Auctions America.

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