This is a 1973 Chevrolet Van that’s been converted into a high-top camper with a sink, fridge, double bed, drawers, cupboards, curtains, a 110 volt line in, and even an A/C unit.

It’s currently in solid condition throughout according to the seller, and running and driving well, but the 4×4 conversion will need a transfer case and front driveshaft fitted if the new owner wants to make good use of that front differential.

Fast Facts – A Chevrolet Van 4×4 Camper

  • This 1973 Chevrolet G20 Van has been converted into a high-top camper with all the essential amenities, including a sink, fridge, beds, drawers, cupboards, curtains, a 110-volt line in, and an air conditioning unit. The van is reported to be in solid condition and runs well. However, the 4×4 conversion is incomplete and will require a transfer case and front driveshaft to be fully functional.
  • The Chevrolet G20 Van is part of a long-lasting series that began in 1964, replacing the rear-engine Corvair Corvan/Greenbrier vans. The G20, a heavy-duty version introduced in 1967, features heavy-duty suspension, a 12-bolt rear axle, and 6-lug wheels. The third generation, starting in 1970, adopted unibody construction for more interior space and lower floors, aligning with the 1970s van craze.
  • This particular van retains its original Burnt Orange paint and saddle interior, both showing patina. Inside, it offers dual bucket seats up front and a separate rear A/C unit. The rear includes two bench seats that fold into a double bed, a three-burner gas cooker, fridge, counter space, sink with running water, drawers, cupboards, curtains, carpeting, and a fiberglass high-top roof for added headroom. Despite signs of wear, it is ready for use or could be a project for further restoration.
  • The van is currently for sale on eBay out of Miami, Florida, with a Buy It Now price of $23,500 USD or best offer.

The Chevrolet Van

The Chevrolet Van G20 and its siblings in the Chevrolet Van family would sell so well, and enjoy such enduring popularity, that they would become one of the longest-produced vehicle platforms ever released by General Motors. The Van series debuted in 1964 as the successor to the earlier Corvair Corvan/Greenbrier vans and their European-style rear-engine arrangements.

Chevrolet Van 4x4 10

Image DescriptionThis van has been given a 4×4 conversion and it now rides on higher suspension for better ground clearance. It does work as it is, but to use the front differential it will need to have a front driveshaft and transfer case installed.

The Chevrolet Van would be built over three primary generations and released in both Chevrolet and GMC variants. The first two generations were forward control vehicles, and the final (and longest running) third generation would have the engine further forward to increase space inside the vehicle.

The heavy duty G20 version of the Van debuted in 1967 as a 3/4 ton version ideally suited to industrial and cargo use. It was given heavy duty suspension, a 12 bolt rear axle, and 6 lug wheels. The G20 sold well, and so when the third generation of the Chevrolet Van platform was released in 1970, it also featured a heavy duty G20 version.

The third generation would feature unibody construction, which helped to lower the floor and give more interior space. The styling was significantly updated to showcase General Motors move into the exciting new decade of the 1970s, and as the van craze of the 1970s took off, it was the Chevrolet Van that was front and center.

Many of these custom vans had decked out interiors with shag carpeting across the floors and up the walls, sometimes even across the ceiling. There were mirror balls, stereo systems, airbrushed psychedelic paintings on the sides, and typically a double mattress in the back.

Some of them were converted into homes on wheels, with a fridge, a gas cooker, a sink with running water, a bed, dinette, TV, and cupboard space. They were more modern versions of the VW Type 2 campers that had been so popular a decade earlier during the Hippie Movement of the 1960s.

Chevrolet Van 4x4 16

Image DescriptionThe rear looks like an original 1970s conversion, which we believe it is, and it includes a gas cooker, a fridge, counter space, a sink with running water, drawers, cupboards, curtains, carpeting, and a fiberglass high-top roof for better headroom.

The Chevrolet Van 4×4 Camper Shown Here

The van you see here is a 1973 Chevrolet Van G20 that has had a 4×4 conversion done. Well partially done, as the front differential is in place but currently doesn’t have a driveshaft or transfer case sending it power. If the new owner does want to use the 4×4 system, they’ll either need to add these parts themselves or pay to have it done.

It has its original Burnt Orange paintwork and saddle interior still in place, both showing some patina but still very much serviceable. Inside you’ll find dual bucket seats up front separated by the engine cover, this van does have air conditioning installed, both up front and there’s a separate unit mounted in the rear to cool down the living quarters.

In the rear you’ll find two bench seats that fold down to make a double bed, there is also a three burner gas cooker, a fridge, counter space, a sink with running water, drawers, cupboards, curtains, carpeting, and a fiberglass high-top roof for better headroom.

There are obvious signs of some wear and tear on the interior, so it could be viewed as a project van, but it could also be put into service exactly as it is now.

Chevrolet Van 4x4 13

Image DescriptionUp front there are two bucket seats as well as a stereo and A/C unit with the vents mounted in the engine cover.

The benefit of using it as-is is that the new owner wouldn’t have to worry too much about scratches or scuffs, and they can use the van for its intended purpose – adventures both on road and off.

This 1973 Chevrolet Van is now being offered for sale on eBay out of Miami, Florida with a Buy It Now price of $23,500 USD or best offer. If you’d like to read more about it or make them an offer you can visit the listing here.

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