These leak-proof steel Wavian jerry cans are sourced directly from the manufacturer that has been supplying numerous NATO countries for over 75 years. They’re designed to last indefinitely if looked after, and they come in three sizes.

The team at Wavian tell us that these represent the highest quality Jerry cans currently available anywhere in the world and they do seem to be the preferred type for a significant number of overlanders and off-roaders.

Wavian Original NATO Steel Jerry Can 1

Image DescriptionBlue Jerry cans are to be used for kerosene, not water. The company notes that these cans have a special lining for storing fuel that can react negatively with water. So they offer a line of separate water Jerry cans with a food-safe lining.

Each can is carefully tested to ensure they’re fuel tight, with 0.9 mm steel walls and a rust-proof Rezol lining. Each can has an internal breather pipe designed to help with splash-proof pouring, and they have a three-handle configuration to make them easy to carry when full or empty.

Fuel is poured in and out through a leak-proof bayonet closure and there’s a locking pin for the cap for additional safety.

Wavian fuel cans are offered in distinct colors to identify their designated fuel type: red is for gasoline, blue is for kerosene, and yellow is for diesel. There’s also a black variant that can be used for diesel or alternative fuels, or for whatever fuel you like if you simply prefer the color.

Wavian Original NATO Steel Jerry Can 1

Image DescriptionThe black version of the Jerry can can be used for the fuel type of your choice, many off-roaders with black vehicles opt for this color as they simply prefer it, though it’s perhaps most popularly used for storing diesel.

It’s important to note that these Jerry cans are not suitable for storying or carrying potable water. Their linings can react with water, as they’re designed for use with fuels. The company does offer a line of cans specifically for carrying water that have a water-safe lining.

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