MuzzleShot Shot Glass

MuzzleShot Shot Glass 23

The MuzzleShot is a shot glass machined from a block of billet heat-treated aluminium, each ‘glass’ has a 1.5 ounce capacity and offers a zero-flavour-transfer anodised finish. If you’ve been looking around for the perfect Father’s Day gift and your Dad is a fan of whiskey, firearms and engineering, this may very well be the perfect thing for him.

The MuzzleShot glasses are sold individually or in custom Pelican Cases containing 2 or 4, they’ll have an exceedingly long life due to their unbreakability and I imagine that they’ll make fantastic and somewhat unique family heirlooms.

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“MuzzleShot, the tactical shot glass, is a shot glass styled after the flash hider for the M16A2 family of weapons. It is machined from a single block of billet heat-treated aluminum, anodized to MIL-A-8625 Type II on the finish. The MuzzleShot is available as a single item or in packs of two and four with their very own custom designed Pelican case. A cordura nylon carrying pouch is also available. MuzzleShot is sourced, designed and manufactured in Alexandria, VA by Leitner-Wise Manufacturing.”

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