The Motorcycle Basics Techbook by Haynes Manuals is an essential reference designed for all motorcyclists, it covers all major engine, chassis, electrical and suspension systems with human-comprehendible explanations and cutaway illustrations – the latter of which can help turn exceedingly confusing things into relatively simple concepts.

I’ve had my copy of this book for a few weeks and it’s been a surprisingly engaging read, the chapters covering motorcycle electrical systems have clarified a few things for me that I’d assumed were either magic or sorcery and it’s hard to over emphasise how valuable it is to have cutaway drawings alongside explanations.

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All common engine, chassis and electrical systems fully explained and illustrated. Topics covered include engine cycles and layouts, carburettors and fuel injection, ignition systems, clutches, gearbox, engine lubrication and cooling, wheels, tires, braking systems, suspension, steering, handling, design and electrical systems.

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