This is the new 370mm version of the MOMO Prototipo steering wheel, it’s been developed to offer a larger diameter than the 350mm original to provide more leverage for those driving cars with no power steering, or those who prefer a wider wheel.

The MOMO Prototipo is one of the most popular aftermarket steering wheels in the world, and it has been for decades. The simple lightweight design makes use of an aluminum alloy structure with a curved wooden rim covered with hand-stitched leather.

The three central spokes of the wheel have circular holes drilled out in order to reduce weight, and a wide array of different colors and variations have been offered over the 50+ year lifespan of the model.


MOMO Prototipo 370MM Steering Wheel Collage

Image DescriptionThe MOMO Prototipo 370MM is available in either brushed alloy or black anodized finishes, with black leather upholstery around the rim.

MOMO was originally founded back in 1964 by Italian racing driver Gianpiero Moretti almost by accident. He was unhappy with the steering wheel he was racing with, so he approached an Italian craftsman with his own design for a steering wheel.

This Moretti-design wheel had a thicker rim and offered better grip, other drivers soon noticed it and asked him to make them one. One of these drivers was legendary Formula 1 driver John Surtees who fitted a Moretti steering wheel to his Ferrari F1 car in 1964, then went on to win the World Championship with it.

Moretti established a company to build his steering wheels in the Italian city of Monza, he called it “MOMO” as a portmanteau of “MOretti” and “MOnza.” Today, MOMO is inarguably the most famous steering wheel company in the world.

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