Motorcycle tank bags are an incredibly useful thing, using a series of ultra-strong neodymium magnets on the underside they latch on to your steel fuel tank, giving you a handy place to stash items that would otherwise be in pockets or require a backpack.

This magnetic tank bag by Poet Motors and Tchoup Industries in New Orleans was developed to be the ideal tank bag, it measures in at 6″ wide by 8″ long meaning it’ll fit most fuel tanks with ease. Each one is handmade from water-resistant waxed canvas with a leather backing for longevity, and a heavy duty metal zipper protected by waterproof webbing.


Inside the bag you’ll find a padded interior to keep your stuff safe and unharmed, even when used on bikes that vibrate like crazy (I’m looking at you pre-rubber-mounted-engine Sportsters). Underneath there are four circular neodymium magnets behind the leather base that snap the bag to your tank, keeping it fastened securely.

The tank bag is the perfect place to keep your wallet, phone, keys, and other items while riding, without them getting uncomfortable in your pockets. It is worth noting that you shouldn’t use the bag to store hard drives or older iPods as magnets don’t play nice with traditional (HDD, non-SSD) storage devices.

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