Honda CB200T Cafe Racer by Bare Bone Rides

Bare Bone Rides is a relatively new custom motorcycle shop based out of Florida, it’s owned and operated by Jim and Joseph Lang, a friendly pair of ex-corporate brothers who decided to hang up their ties and don a pair of coveralls.

This bike is Bare Bone Ride’s take on the Honda CB200T, the original bike is a fantastic, lightweight motorcycle that lends itself to cafe racer conversion with ease. Jim and Joseph stripped the original bike back to it’s bare elements and set about adding a series of custom, performance based additions.

They opted to use a Ballistic Lithium Ion 12V battery in order to reduce weight, this is a move that I can see becoming more popular as lithium batteries continue to come down in price, they also had the frame and swing arm professionally powder coated, they then added a heavy duty gold o-ring chain, stock Italian made GT grips from the ’70s, a custom exhaust system, drag style handlebars, nitrogen filled performance rear shock absorbers and a slew of other upgrades too long to list here.

The finished bike is eye-catching with it’s bright red and wimbledon white paint scheme. The smooth curve of the exhaust is a great touch and the overall feeling you get from the build is a bike that’s been made by people with an eye for detail.

If you’d like to see more from Bare Bones Rides click here for their website, if you’d like to check out the live eBay auction for this cafe racer, click here.

Published by Ben Branch -