This is the Holtzman’s Survival Grenade, it’s a 48 piece emergency survival kit all wrapped up in 45 feet of military-grade 550 paracord.

The team at Holtzman designed it to be a small and well-equipped survival kit that you can toss into a backpack, glove compartment, or motorcycle pannier bag just in case you ever need it.

Inside the grenade you’ll find everything you need to get a fire started for warmth (and to help rescuers find you), there’s an LED flashlight for that can be used for signalling, and there’s fishing hooks, weights, and fishing line to help you catch some dinner.

Holtzman’s Survival Grenade Collage

The survival grenade is designed to help keep you alive in the wilderness for a few days until you’re either rescued or find your way out on your own two feet.

With this in mind it contains a compass to help with navigation as well as supplies to help you set up a camp like 45 feet of paracord, a flint fire striker as well as both waterproof and stormproof matches, and a multi-tool pocket knife.

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Holtzman’s Survival Grenade – Full Contents:

• 45 feet of 550 lb paracord
• 2 feet of safety orange paracord
• Compass
• LED flashlight
• Multi-tool pocket knife
• Dog tag signal mirror
• Fling fire starter rod
• Flint striker
• 30 feet of 12 lb test fishing line
• 4 fishing hooks
• 4 split shot weights
• 2 bobby pins
• 2 butterfly sutures
• P38 can opener
• Compressed towel tablet
• 6 waterproof matches
• 2 stormproof matches
• Jute twine
• Needle and thread
• Razor blade
• Military grade tripwire
• Aluminum foil
• Wire saw
• 2 safety pins
• Firestarter whistle buckle
• 2 split rings
• 3 inches of electrical tape
• A plastic ball/container for keeping things dry

Holtzman’s Survival Grenade Contents

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