This is the new Gringo SV from the team over at Biltwell, it’s a full face design with a flip up shield that utilizes modern construction and materials with decidedly vintage styling.

The Gringo SV is the next generation of helmets after the earlier Gringo and Gringo S models. It has an injection-molded ABS outer shell that’s both lightweight and highly resistant to both impacts and abrasion damage.

Gringo SV ECE Helmet 12

Image DescriptionThe Gringo SV ECE comes in eight colors, we’ve shown the metallic cherry red colorway here, which is likely to be one of the best sellers.

Inside the shell you’ll find a dual density expanded polystyrene (EPS) internal safety shell, this is designed to absorb and dissipate impact energy so that it cushions your skull and brain from the most severe aspects of an accident.

The helmet has front, side, and rear vent ports making it ideal for use during the warmer months and in warmer climates. It also has adjustable vents above the eye port that allow you to regulate the internal airflow to cool and dry your head when needed.

Studies have shown that the majority of damage sustained to a helmet (and its wearer) tend to happen to the front – which makes sense as it’s typically the direction of travel unless your name is Mert Lawwill. As a result of this, Biltwell have given the Gringo SV helmet a molded urethane chin bar pad that dissipates energy in a frontal impact.

The helmet is fitted with a CE-certified, injection-molded polycarbonate flip-up shield that features anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments for durability. The hinge hardware is designed to allow you to ride with the shield open at lower speeds to increase cooling airflow when required.

Gringo SV ECE Helmet 5

Image DescriptionThe helmet has front, side, and rear vent ports and a CE-certified, injection-molded polycarbonate flip-up shield.

Inside you’ll find a liner and cheek pads that are constructed with fleece Lycra and open-cell foam padding to absorb and evaporate perspiration. It’s removable/replaceable so it can be washed and dried when needed, particularly useful after those longer road trips in summer.

The good news is that the helmet is both US DOT FMVSS No. 218 compliant and ECE R22.06 certified, meaning it can be used in North America and in Europe, and in the many other nations that accept DOT and/or ECE certification for motorcycle helmets.

The Biltwell Gringo SV helmet comes in sizes from XS up to XXL and there’s a sizing chart on the store page that’ll allow you to get the right size first time out. It comes in an array of colors including glass black, gloss white, matte black, sierra green, metallic grape, metallic cherry red, metallic sea foam, and gloss storm grey.

Gringo SV ECE Helmet 4

Image DescriptionThe shell is an injection-molded ABS outer shell that’s both lightweight and highly resistant to impacts and abrasion damage.

The retails for $299.95 USD and it’s being offered with free shipping in the USA, Biltwell also offers an easy exchange policy which can come in handy when needed. As noted above this helmet is new – so new in fact that it’s not available to buy yet, however pre-orders are being taken if you want to be one of the first to own one.

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