This is the Garrett Turbocharger Wall Lamp by Berkay Erdoğan of Auto Decoration. As the name suggests, it’s a wall lamp made from a real (formerly operational) Garrett turbocharger.

  • The team at Auto Decoration specialize in making everyday household items from recycled car parts, apart from the turbo lamp they also sell clutch clocks, spark plug coat racks, piston business card holders, and connecting rod clocks.
  • Now known as Garrett Motion, the company that builds Garrett turbochargers started out all the way back in 1936 as the Aircraft Tool and Supply Company, founded by John Clifford “Cliff” Garrett in a small one-room office in Los Angeles.
  • Though the company is perhaps most famous today for their high-performance automotive turbochargers they actually started out building turbos for aircraft during WWII.
  • After the war they diversified into building forced induction systems for a variety of applications including for sewage purification operations and for the heavy vehicles built by Caterpillar.
Garrett Turbocharger Wall Lamp 2

Image DescriptionThese lamps are designed to be mounted directly to the wall, they make great additions to garages, sheds, and studies – not to mention they’re good conversation pieces.

In 1960 the Garrett T11 automotive turbocharger helped begin the turbo revolution, it was fitted to production cars like the Chevrolet Corvair Monza and the Oldsmobile Jetfire.

Over the years the company remained front and center as turbocharging became mainstream, and today they’re arguably the most famous turbo manufacturers in the world.

Each of these Garrett Turbocharger Wall Lamps is handmade, an original turbo is sourced and prepared, the electrical parts are installed as well as the lightbulb socket.

They ship without a bulb included to you can choose what kind of bulb you need – though Edison bulbs like the one in the display images will almost certainly look best.

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