This is the new Peak Vest from the team at Fuel Motorcycles, it’s a hydration vest designed for motorcyclists with a design inspired by WW2 pilot life jackets.

Hydration packs are commonly used by riders on off road journeys down fire trails and on other dirt tracks far from civilization as they can hold a significant amount of water, are easy to refill, and they mean you don’t need to carry an extra backpack.

With increasing awareness about plastic pollution there are more and more solutions coming to market to help people reduce their footprint – and single-use plastic water bottles are one of the worst offenders.

Fuel Motorcycles Peak Motorcycle Hydration Vest 6

Each Peak Vest has a capacity of 6.34 pints, that works out to exactly 3.0 litres, and they’re made from 12 oz water-resistant oilskin cotton canvas, they have a cotton lining, four front pockets for carrying everything from snacks to smartphones, and a zippered front closure.

The drinking tube extends around to the front where it clips onto the upper right pocket when not in use. The vest comes in sizes from S up to 3XL and there’s a sizing chart on the website to help you get the right fit first time. The MSRP is €120 which works out to approximately $146 USD.

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