This 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC has the unusual distinction of having been ordered new by Aristotle Onassis, the legendary industrialist who would build the largest private shipping company in the world, then later marry Jacqueline Kennedy in 1968.

The 330 GTC was one of the most refined Ferraris of its age, it was based on the Ferrari 275 GTB chassis with a body that included a front end influenced by the 500 Superfast, a rear that resembled the 275 GTS, and the 4.0 liter version of the Colombo V12. The car was later described as “probably the first Ferrari in which you could actually enjoy a radio.”

Fast Facts – The Aristotle Onassis Ferrari 330 GTC

  • The 330 series was introduced in the 1960s as a successor to the 250 series. The Ferrari 330 was designed to encompass a range of models, and the “330” designation primarily refers to the individual cylinder displacement, which is approximately 330cc, making the total displacement for the V12 4.0 liters (actually 3,967.44cc).
  • The Ferrari 330 GTC (Gran Turismo Coupé) was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March of 1966. It was intended to fill a niche between the more sporting 275 GTB and the larger, more luxurious 330 GT 2+2. It sold well, with 600 made in total between 1966 and 1968. There was also a GTS (Gran Turismo Spider) convertible model of which approximately 100 were made.
  • The 330 GTC incorporated elements from both the 275 and the 330. Pininfarina designed the body, and many consider it to be one of the most elegant Ferraris of its era.
  • The car had the short-wheelbase chassis of the 275 but incorporated the 4.0 liter V12 of the 330 series. This engine produced 300 bhp at 7,000 rpm, which, combined with a fully independent front and rear suspension, four wheel disc brakes, and a rear-mounted 5-speed transaxle, made the 330 GTC not only a quick car but also a comfortable grand tourer.
  • The 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC you see here was ordered new by famed shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, interestingly he owned this car when he married Jacqueline Kennedy in October of 1968. It’s now been completely restored back to original condition and it’s being offered for sale out of San Diego, California.

A History Speedrun: The Ferrari 330 GTC

Introduced in 1966 at the Geneva Motor Show, the Ferrari 330 GTC was designed to fill the gap between the sportier 275 GTB and the more luxurious 330 GT 2+2, offering the best of both worlds.

Aristotle Onassis Ferrari 330 GTC 9'

Image DescriptionThe Ferrari 330 GTC offered a desirable halfway point between the more sporting Ferrari 275 GTB and the more larger, more luxurious Ferrari 330 GT 2+2.

With a design courtesy of Pininfarina, the 330 GTC bore a striking resemblance to its sibling, the 500 Superfast, particularly from the A-pillar forwards. The design of the rear of the car was influenced by the 275 GTS.

The 330 GTC was built on the same sporting chassis as the 275 GTB, with independent front and rear suspension, four-wheel disc brakes, and a rear-mounted 5-speed transaxle that helped give the car almost perfect weight distribution and balanced handling.

Underneath its sleek bodywork, the 330 GTC was powered by the 4.0 liter Colombo V12, which was also used in the 330 GT 2+2. This single overhead cam per bank, all-alloy V12 produced 300 bhp art 7,000 rpm, allowing the car to achieve a top speed in excess of 150 mph – heady figure for the time.

The interior of the 330 GTC was a reflection of its dual intended purposes. While it was a sports car in every sense of the word, it didn’t compromise on luxuries. The cabin was spacious, upholstered with leather, and it featured amenities that were considered luxurious for its time like air conditioning, plush carpeting, and a push button stereo.

Aristotle Onassis Ferrari 330 GTC 6

Image DescriptionIt’s been noted that the front end of the 330 GTC resembles the 500 Superfast and the rear bares a resemblance to the Ferrari 275 GTS. The car was built on the shorter 275 GTB chassis and was powered by the 300 bhp 4.0 liter V12.

This combination made the car an ideal grand tourer, capable of long-distance drives in utmost comfort, yet responsive and lively when the roads opened up. Though produced for only a short two year period from 1966 and 1968, the 330 GTC left a lasting impression.

In total, Ferrari built 600 units with an additional 100 of the convertible 330 GTS. There were also a small number of special one-off coach-built specials like the Zagato-bodied Ferrari 330 GTC, the Felber FF, and the Ferrari 330 GTC Speciale.

The Aristotle Onassis Ferrari 330 GTC Shown Here

This car was completed in November of 1967 before being sent off to Monte Carlo where its first owner was waiting – Aristotle Onassis. Onassis’ history in Monte Carlo is fascinating and worthy of a miniseries all its own, he ended up in a prolonged legal battle with Prince Rainier III, and ultimately had to leave the small Principality.

A year after he bought this 330 GTC in October of 1968 he would marry Jacqueline Kennedy, the widow of US President John F. Kennedy. When he placed his order with Ferrari, an order they no doubt expedited, Onassis opted for a couple of optional extras – a front grille-guard bar and stainless-steel rocker panel covers.

Aristotle Onassis Ferrari 330 GTC 15

Image DescriptionThe interior of the car is very well laid out, with black leather upholstery, rich red carpeting, plenty of chrome work, an A/C, push button stereo, and of course, a gated shifter.

He chose what is probably the best color for a Ferrari of this era, Rossa Cina Red over a black leather interior with red carpeting throughout, the car also came with air-conditioning and a push button stereo.

Onassis would have the car serviced by the Ferrari factory’s Assistenza Cliente in Modena, Italy during his ownership – he sold it in late 1968 and it ended up in the hands of famed US distributor Luigi Chinetti who sold the car in New York.

Over the course of the car’s life in the United States it would end up in storage for 30 years before being rediscovered and bought by the current owner (and now seller) in 2020. They commissioned a restoration by marque specialists Bobileff Motorcar Company in San Diego which was completed in August of 2023.

Aristotle Onassis Ferrari 330 GTC 17

Image DescriptionThis is the 4.0 liter version of the Colombo V12. It has an aluminum block and heads, a single overhead cam per bank operating two valves per cylinder, and it produces 300 bhp at 7,000 rpm – a significant figure for the time.

The car has now been refinished in its original shade of Rossa Cina Red over a newly upholstered black leather interior, the nine has been overhauled as well as the 5-speed transaxle, and it now rides on the correct 14” Campagnolo center-lock alloy wheels. The car has also had the original and specially requested stainless-steel rocker panel covers and grille guard refitted.

It’s now being sold on Bring a Trailer out of San Diego, California with a Marcel Massini report, images cataloguing the restoration, owner’s manuals, a partial tool kit, and a Montana title in the name of the seller’s company. If you’d like to read more about it or register to bid you can visit the listing here.

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Images courtesy of Bring a Trailer

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