This is the Fender Indio 2 it’s a bluetooth speaker designed to look like the vintage Fender amplifiers from the 1950s. Each speaker can be used individually or paired with another to provide double the sound in full stereo with a left/right split or a mono/mono arrangement.

Leo Fender started his namesake company to manufacture and sell musical instruments and amplifiers. The first commercially successful solid-body electric guitar, the Fender Telecaster (originally named the Broadcaster), was introduced in 1950.

Fender Indio 2 Bluetooth Speaker 2

Image DescriptionThe Fender Indio 2 looks just like one of the American company’s vintage amplifiers, with the switch, control knobs, and other buttons along the top.

The Telecaster was then followed in 1954 by the Fender Stratocaster, creating the most enduring two-electric guitar line up in history. Leo Fender along with early business partner Doc Kauffman began manufacturing their own amplifiers in the 1940s, the designs quickly evolved and became a favorite of many rock legends including the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

In more recent years Fender has developed a line of bluetooth speakers that bring their famous amp aesthetic out of the band room and into the living room. Or anywhere else you want to bring them, thanks to the built-in battery that gives 25 hours of music on the go.

The Fender Indio 2 is Bluetooth 5.0 enabled with a 33 foot range (10 meters). It has two woofers and two tweeters offering a combined 60 watts of power from the quad-driver system, and it has a USB port allowing you to charge external devices from the internal battery.

The speaker has a width of 10.9”, a depth of 4.8”, a height of 8.2”, and it weighs 8.4 lbs. As noted further up it’s possible to buy two of them and synchronize them so they play together from the same source, and you can choose from either a mono/mono set up or the more popular left/right stereo arrangement.

Fender Indio 2 Bluetooth Speaker 1

Image DescriptionBoth Black and Tweed colorways are available, with the Tweed version shown here. The speakers can also be paired up in twos and used to play full left/right stereo with double the power of a single unit.

The Indio 2 retails for  $399.99 USD and it comes in both Black and Tweed colorways, with the Tweed colorway being shown in this post. Each speaker comes with an AC power adapter, a 3.5mm auxiliary cable, and a micro USB cable.

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