The Explorer’s Watch

Tru-Nord Compass

The Tru-Nord Compass has been manufactured, assembled and packaged in Brainerd, Minnesota for over 66 years. Each of the small, 1″ compasses come with a lifetime warranty and a jewelled internal mechanism that’s famous for its accuracy.

The team at Huckberry have teamed up with Tru-Nord and American strapmaker, form•function•form to create the Explorer’s Watch – a wrist-top compass designed for people who need to take a quick compass bearing without fiddling in their pockets or bags.

The suitability of the Explorer’s Watch for motorcyclists is self-evident, regardless of whether you favour on or off road riding, the ability to glance at your wrist to ensure you’re not heading in the wrong direction is priceless.

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Tru-Nord Compass Watch

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