Draggin C–Evo Kevlar Jeans

Draggin C–Evo Kevlar Jeans front

I picked up a pair of Draggin C–Evo Kevlar Jeans a few months ago with a view to wearing them out on the bike a few times to see how they faired. I should probably preface this by saying that I’ve worn almost every variety of kevlar motorcycle trousers on the market, some have been good and some have been genuinely terrible, but none have been quite as good as these.

When it comes to motorcycles and kevlar there’s always been an argument between the two primary schools of thought.

On the left you have the leather-pants-only crowd who believe that you should wear leather pants at all times, and that anyone who rides a motorcycle without a shiny pair of leather pants on is about as naive as the designers of the Maginot Line, cross-bred with Neville Chamberlain.

On the right you have the guys who are classed as early-adopters, they wear Kevlar and other man-made fibres and probably own motorcycle gear with a combined value close to what you’d expect to pay for a well-kept villa in the south of France.

Draggin C–Evo Kevlar Jeans back

The largest and most persistent issue between these two camps have been the ongoing disagreement over the effectiveness of Kevlar as an abrasion resistant material, there hasn’t been much in the way of genuine scientific studies done into the matter and so as is often the case on the internet, baseless opinions are typed in all-caps to convey depth of conviction.

The good news is that we now have a pair of CE-approved Kevlar motorcycle jeans and you’re looking at them. CE stands for “Communauté Européenne” and it means that the jeans have been tested by humourless European scientists, and have been found suitable for use in the EU. This doesn’t mean that the aforementioned chaps will stop arguing, but it does mean that you can buy Draggin Kevlar motorcycle jeans with a certain amount of confidence.

Now back to the subject in question – each pair of Draggin C–Evo Kevlar Jeans is lined from the waist to the ankle with military-spec Kevlar, they come fitted with removable, CE-approved knee and hip armour, they have Cool Max lining throughout for comfort and breathability, they have ankle straps so they stay in place even if you’re sliding along the asphalt and they have colour fast technology to reduce fading.

If you’ve been wanting a pair of Kevlar motorcycle jeans but have been holding out till the technology matured, you might want to grab a pair of these – they’re an order of magnitude easy to wear in the record setting summertime heat.

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Draggin C–Evo Kevlar Jeans

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