James Demer is a location sound mixer known for his work on films like Bowling for Columbine, Winter’s Bone and TV shows like Survivor and The Apprentice. While on location in Alaska a few years ago he needed to create a portable sound box so he took a Pelican case, a lithium-ion battery some waterproof speakers and some simple electronics and set to work. The resulting stereo was exceptionally tough and it was progressively tuned to produce sound quality at a level that has impressed even the most cynical of sound technicians.

James has now finished the R&D stage of the DemerBox production process and is running a Kickstarter to fund the initial production run, it’s been a roaring success so far with the project 1/3 funded already. If you’d like to pre-order yourself a DemerBox you can do so on the Kickstarter page, you’ll just need to choose between the 1 and 2 speaker model, then pick a colour (yellow, orange, blue or black).

Grab yours here

DemerBox Stereo 2 DemerBox Stereo DemerBox DemerBox Stereo 5 DemerBox Stereo 4 DemerBox Stereo 1

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