This is the Dango GMT-01 Automatic GMT, it’s one of the newer watches from the American company and it has a surprisingly affordable MSRP – $450 USD for an automatic GMT is remarkably inexpensive.

Dango was founded in 2015 by CEO Charlie Carroll and Creative Chief Thuan Tran, their first product was the Dango Loop Hook, a simple alloy attachment that allowed people to quickly and easily hang their backpack on the corner of a desk or table.

Dango GMT-01 Automatic GMT Stainless Steel

Image DescriptionThe Dango GMT-01 Automatic GMT comes in two primary versions, one with an Italian leather band and one with a stainless steel band as shown above. The stainless steel band version costs $50 USD more, bringing the price up to $500 USD.

The company would go on to release the A-series modular wallet that had a slew of additional functionality, integrating an inbuilt hex wrench, paracord tensioner, a bottle opener, A10 Spec-Ops with MT05 multi-tool, and more.

Dango now makes a range of products, they proudly note that they design and make them in the USA, and the range includes wallets, multitools, cash/EDC trays, pens, belts, apparel, and a line of popular watches.

The Dango GMT-01 Automatic GMT

The Dango GMT-01 Automatic GMT is powered by the reliable Seiko automatic four-hand GMT movement (NH34A11MN). It’s a self-winding (automatic) mechanical movement that is powered by the movement of your wrist throughout the day.

Dango GMT-01 Automatic GMT 4

Image DescriptionAs a GMT watch you’ll notice that there is a fourth hand. This completes a rotation every 24 hours, when paired with the rotating 24 hour marked bezel, you can set it quickly to track a second timezone at a glance.

The watch has a 45mm 316L brushed stainless steel case and a domed sapphire crystal. It’s water resistant to 20ATM (200 meters), and it has Super Luminous C1 on the hands and markers for low-light visibility.

For the uninitiated, the “GMT” in the model name simple means that the watch has a fourth hand that makes a full rotation of the watch face every 24 hours. This is paired with a rotatable bezel that has 24 hours markings on it, allowing you to quickly set a second timeline that you can view at a glance.

The Dango GMT-01 comes in two key variants, one with a stainless steel band and one with an Italian leather strap, otherwise they’re identical in function and specification.

Dango GMT-01 Automatic GMT 6

Image DescriptionThe GMT-01 Automatic GMT has a 45mm 316L brushed stainless steel case and a domed sapphire crystal. It’s also water resistant to 20ATM (200 meters).

As noted in the introduction the watches sell for just $450 USD apiece, that’s a very low price point for an automatic GMT, and so it should be no surprise that the watches have been selling well.

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