This is the new CyclusMoto motorcycle helmet hanger, each is handmade with a stained 4.5 inch mahogany ball, steel piping, and a matching wood backing plate for mounting it to the wall.

Many people store their motorcycle helmets by placing them on a flat surface like a table, bench, or desk. The problem with this is that it can tend to seal in any sweat or moisture and not let it evaporate.

This in turn leads to the inside of your helmet quickly becoming an unpleasant place to put your head. One solution to this issue is a helmet hanger, it keeps the vast majority of your helmet lining free to breathe as needed, and it can increase the time between needing to remove and wash the liner.

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Image DescriptionThe CyclusMoto Motorcycle Helmet Hanger can be ordered in your choice of poplar wood, black walnut, or live edge hard maple.

What the team at CyclusMoto have done is create a wooden ball to support the helmet as this spreads the weight of the helmet more evenly on the liner, and more importantly, on the impact absorbing expanded polystyrene (EPS) shell – reducing the chance of indenting it and reducing your helmet’s ability to protect you in an accident.

The CyclusMoto motorcycle helmet hanger also includes a hook for your jacket, keys, or gloves and they offer it in your choice of poplar wood, black walnut, or live edge hard maple.

The hanger is hand-finished with four coats each of black painted steel piping and a polyurethane finish for protection. It is assembled with stainless steel fasteners throughout and contains a french cleat and rubber bumpers to keep it in place on the wall.

CyclusMoto was founded by avid motorcyclist Michael Torres to both build and sell high-quality motorcycle gear. He lost his best friend Paul Alexander Mondi to childhood cancer 30 years ago and as a result he now donates 8% of every CyclusMoto sale to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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