Large Metal First Aid Kit – 100% Made In The USA

First Aid Kit

Although a good first aid kit isn’t considered particularly rock n’ roll, it is an essential item for any adventure – from an afternoon hike in some local hills to an overlanding expedition to Victoria Falls. The Large Metal First Aid Kit built by Best Made is designed to be an all-in-one solution containing everything…

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Adventure Camping Mini Espresso Maker by GSI Outdoors

Adventure Camping Mini Espresso Maker by GSI Outdoors With Cup

The Mini Espresso Maker by GSI Outdoors was designed for people who love the great outdoors, but can’t bring themselves to start the day with a cup of freeze-dried instant coffee. The word “espresso” is Italian for “pressed-out” (it shouldn’t be pronounced “ex-presso” unless you want to make your barista wince), the preparation method involves…

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Readyman Wilderness Survival Card 2.0

The Readyman Wilderness Survival Card 2.0 is the second edition of the credit card sized stainless steel tool kit that’s designed to slip into your wallet, glovebox, pannier, or backpack – just in case you need it. If required, the card can be removed from your wallet and disassembled. Once you’ve finished, you’ll find you have…

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The Flying Tent®

The Flying Tent was designed to be an exceedingly lightweight tent that performs three distinct functions – it can be a hammock, a hammock tent, or a traditional ground-based tent. The size and weight of the Flying Tent make it ideal for use by motorcyclists, as it can be packed down into a carry bag,…

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My Medic – First Aid Kit

The My Medic First Aid Kit is an all-in-one solution for unexpected medical needs when you’re out off the beaten track. The kit measures in at a compact 4 inches x 6.75 inches x 7.75 inches, it’s made from weather resistant 1000 Denier ballistic nylon, and it’s approved by the National Tactical Officers Association (NOTA),…

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