Britten – Backyard Visionary – The Documentary

john britten

The story of John Britten is one of those real-life Hollywood stories, in fact if had been written as a fictional script it would have seemed too far fetched to be even remotely believable.

The story is that of a backyard engineer in New Zealand who designed and hand-cast a multi-valve racing engine, created a body entirely out of carbon fibre, designed a revolutionary frameless chassis with the engine acting as a stressed member, moulded his own carbon rims and designed a totally unique suspension set up on both ends of a motorcycle, then took the bike to the US and trounced every major motorcycle manufacturer in the world with it.

If you’d like to see the whole story you can watch it below, the film is a little dated now but it’s well-worth a watch.

Click here to watch the full length documentary for free.

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