Bott XR-1 Buell Motorcycle 2

This bike, the BOTT XR1, is a great example of what could have been achieved had Harley-Davidson not axed its Buell division back in 2009. The stunning street-tracker custom built by Bottpower based out of Spain has many of the hallmarks of a Buell, not surprising considering the fact that it’s fitted with a Buell v-twin, Buell wheels, Buell brakes and Buell suspension.

Word started on the project last year when Bottpower was approached by a man who asked them to build him a fully customised Buell-based street tracker. The engineers at Bottpower took their time on the build, they realised early on that this bike would make a hell of a good tweak to an existing Buell and so they carefully designed it to be kit-buildable.

The frame is possibly the most impressive single part of the build, it’s just a single piece of steel-tubing (pictured below) with mount points for the load-bearing engine, forks and rear suspension. The design is elegant and helps keep the bike’s weight down to just 374lbs, given the 100+hp rating of that tweaked v-twin and the advanced suspension it’s safe to say that the bike goes like a rocket. And probably makes a comparable amount of noise.

Visit Bottpower here for more.

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Via Hell For Leather.

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