The BMW R100R is a motorcycle that looks older than it really is, BMW released it as a retro-modern bike in 1991 and sold them until 1996. BMW rolled in a combination of classic airhead looks with then-modern sport cruiser styling. It was designed to appeal to people who like the look of the classic boxer engine – but wanted modern power, reliability, and comfort.

The boxer twin has a capacity just under a litre, at 980cc, with 60hp and 56 ft lbs of torque. These numbers push the wet weight of 213 kgs (496 lbs) to a claimed top speed of 175 km/h (109 mph). Although these figures may not light the world on fire, they’re solid numbers for a sport touring motorcycle in the mid-90s, and most buyers were choosing the R100R for styling and heritage rather than top speed.

The R100R you see here is vastly different from its factory stock beginnings.

Based on a 1992 model, this bike has been rebuilt by XTR Pepo, and as is the case with all bikes that pass through the Madrid garage – it’s now a hell of a lot faster than it was when it arrived new in the showroom.

The build began with a full teardown and a thorough inspection, it was decided that the original frame would need to be reinforced for the additional stresses it would be encountering on the race track. The original front suspension was swapped out using a Ducati Sport Classic’s fork, yokes, and wheel, with Discacciati front brake rotors, and Discacciati CNC machined front brake calipers.

That eye-catching fairing was made in-house at XTR Pepo along with the carbon fiber mudguard, licence plate support, and modified Moto Guzzi fuel tank. The seat started life on a Yamaha TZ before being repurposed, an adjustable Öhlins monoshock was fitted in the back, and a pair of Tomaselli clip ons complete the bike’s top end.

The engine has been extensively reworked and blueprinted with gasflowed heads, a racing camshaft, lightweight, high-compression pistons, a Supermario 2-into-1 exhaust system, Keihin FCR 40 carburettors, DNA air filters, a Hetkit electronic ignition with 16 maps to choose from, and a lightened crankcase.

The bodywork was then painted by Artenruta, and the frame was painted by Pintumoto. The completed bike is likely the quickest BMW R100R anywhere in the world, and certainly one of the best looking. If you’d like to read more about it and the parts used you can click here to visit XTR Pepo.

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