This 1995 BMW R100GS PD Classic has remained in its factory crate since it arrived at Blackfoot Motosports of Alberta back in the 1990s. It now offers a unique opportunity to acquire what may be the last crated R100GS in the world.

The R100GS is one of the most consequential adventure motorcycles in the German company’s history, it was released after the R80G/S had defined the adventure motorcycle genre, and it formed the foundation for what the GS line of BMWs would become.

Fast Facts – A Crated BMW R100GS PD Classic

  • The BMW R100GS was released in 1987 as the replacement for the genre-defining BMW R80G/S, a multiple Paris-Dakar Rally winning motorcycle that essentially created the adventure motorcycle concept.
  • As the sequel to the much-loved R80G/S the R100GS had big shoes to fill. BMW engineers modified the concept slightly to make it more road-biased but still off-road capable, a characteristic that would be used on most of the GS models to follow.
  • As was common practice for many BMW motorcycles the R100GS uses a tubular steel duplex cradle frame with an air-cooled boxer twin feeding power back through a 5-speed transmission to the rear wheel via a shaft drive.
  • The 1995 BMW R100GS PD Classic you see here was delivered new to a Canadian dealership when new, for reasons unknown it remained in its original factory crate and it’s now being offered for sale out of Brooklyn, New York.

The R100GS: Sequel To A Legend

Producing a successful sequel is always hard work, be it in the world of films or motorcycles. The runaway success of the original always sets impossibly high standards for whatever will follow, and as a result the sequel often disappoints.

BMW R100GS PD Classic

Image DescriptionThis original brochure image from 1995 shows what the BMW R100GS PD Classic looks like when assembled.

Of course there are sequels that are as good as the original and some that are better. Many believe that the The Empire Strikes Back is better than A New Hope, Rocky II is arguable better than Rocky, and some claim that The Godfather: Part II is better than its forebear.

One motorcycle sequel that had its work cut out for it was the R100GS, the motorcycle that succeeded the R80G/S – a motorcycle that won the Paris-Dakar Rally four times between 1981 and 1985, and is widely credited with creating the modern adventure motorcycle genre.

After significant studies into how R80G/S owners were actually using their motorcycles it became clear to BMW that they were used on road approximately 98% of the time. Of course this meant that they were only used off road 2% of the time, however this off road ability was very important to its owners.

The design of the new R100GS used a variation of the same boxer twin engine that had been enlarged from 797.5cc to 980cc, power subsequently increased from 50 bhp with 41 lb ft of torque to 60 bhp with 56 ft lbs of torque.

BMW R100GS PD Classic 5

Image DescriptionIt’s quite possible that this is the last factory-crated R100GS left in the world.

A new Paralever rear end was fitted to replace the earlier Monolever design, and the R100GS was given better aero protection, ample space for luggage/panniers, and the Paris Dakar (or PD) version gained a long range 25 liter fuel tank.

The BMW R100GS proved wildly popular, its ability to sit on the highway at 80+ mph all day long made it perfect for cross-country touring and the fact that it could be taken off road to explore trails only added to its appeal.

BMW would keep the model in production from 1987 to 1996, and today they’re highly prized for their mechanical simplicity – there’s no complex electric system to fail and they’re fitted with a kickstarter should your battery happen to die on you while you’re out on the Serengeti.

The Crated 1995 BMW R100GS PD Classic

The 1995 BMW R100GS PD Classic is possibly the only example of the model in the world that remains in its factory crate, having never been assembled or ridden. Exactly why it remained in its crate is a mystery but it will offer a new owner the choice between preserving it as-is or uncrating and riding it.

BMW R100GS PD Classic 9

Image DescriptionIt will be up to the new owner whether they want to complete the assembly and ride the bike, or preserve it as-is.

As a 1995 PD Classic this bike is finished with an Avus Black paint scheme with silver graphics, chrome touring case mounts, chrome cylinder protection bars, and classic rounded valve covers.

Interestingly the bike arrived from the factory with an odometer showing 99,985 kms which would then click over to 00,000 kms once 15 run-in kilometers had been completed.

The 1.8 kilometers on the trip meter would have been put on the bike before it was crated as BMW would test every motorcycle on rollers before sending it to the dealer.

If you’d like to read more about this unusual BMW or place a bid you can visit the listing here. It’s being offered for sale by Moto Borgotaro out of Brooklynm New York on Bring A Trailer.

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Images courtesy of Moto Borgotaro

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