This is the art of Avakov Ilya, a Red Dot award winning industrial designer who graduated from the Saint Petersburg State Art Industrial Academy in 2007. After establishing himself as an industrial designer of some merit Avakov began experimenting with automotive art, a personal passion that quickly became a full time job.

Avakov’s captivating artwork was seen by Rupert White of Historic Car Art, and before long his work had been displayed at a slew of high end exhibitions including The Art of Motoring at Pall Mall in London, the Martini in Motorsport 50 Year Celebration at the Royal Automobile Club in London, Race Retro, Concourse de Elegance at AFAS in Miami, and the official Formula 1 “Greatest Race“ Exhibition at the Sochi Grand Prix.

Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Daytona Art

The Miami exhibition was organized by the AFAS, the Association of Automotive Artists of America, fellow artists Ken Eberts and Klaus Wagger were essential in bringing Avakov onboard and showcasing his work in the United States.

Avakov largely works with both the more traditional oils and acrylics on canvas as well as more modern digital art creation methods. He focuses on classic cars and vintage racing mostly however he does occasionally create works showing more futuristic vehicles.

If you’d like to see more of Avakov’s art you can click here to visit the gallery listing. Alternatively you can click here to follow him on Instagram and see all of his new work as it’s completed.

He does take commissions, so if there’s a specific car you want immortalized as art, he would love to hear from you.

Mini Cooper Painting Mad Max Painting Brabham BT45 F1 Car Art Lamborghini Countach Art Shelby Cobra Art BMW 2002 Art Dodge Viper Art Morgan Car Art Alfa Romeo Art Ferrari F1 Car Art Concept Car Art Mini Cooper Art Bentley Blower Artwork Schumacher Art VW Beetle Art Future Racing Car Niki Lauda Art

Images courtesy of Avakov Ilya – 2021

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