1985 Audi Quattro Sport SWB Coupé side on

The Audi Quattro Sport SWB Coupé was a car originally introduced in 1984 by Audi for homologation purposes, all in all they produced 214 of them but only an estimated 164 were ever delivered to customers.

The all-alloy, 5 cylinder turbo-charged engine was capable of producing 302hp in road trim and well over 450hp when set up for racing – the rally-spec versions went on to win the Manufacturers’ Championship for Audi in 1982/1984 and the Driver’s Championship in 1983/1984. The car then went on to win the 1985 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with Michèle Mouton in the hot seat, setting the fastest ever recorded time.

1985 Audi Quattro Sport SWB Coupé side

The car you see pictured here is a 1985 version of the Audi Quattro Sport SWB Coupé, it was originally delivered to Oman to a Brit named Richard Davies who used it as a daily driver. He managed to put 39,000 kilometres on the odometer in his 4 years there before being shipped to Britain in 1990. The car’s life in the UK was a little more sedate, it only saw ~5,000 kilometres over the following 10 years or so.

In 2001 the car was picked up by a new owner who treated her to a full, professional respray in ‘Proteo Red Mica’, which I suspect is actually just rebadged metallic-maroon. It’s currently having all its internal engine bits sorted out, including a full change of belts, after which it’ll be heading to the auction block with Bonhams. If you’d like to read a little more about the car or register to bid, you can click here.

1985 Audi Quattro Sport SWB Coupé

1985 Audi Quattro Sport SWB Coupé back side

1985 Audi Quattro Sport SWB Coupé front

Audi Quattro Sport Coupé

Audi Quattro Sport SWB Coupé

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