American Dreaming is an upcoming feature length documentary about the long lost designs from the golden era of Detroit – it was company policy to destroy artwork upon finishing a project or concept, but many of the designers developed ingenious methods of saving their work and smuggling it out of the path of the shredder.

This film interviews a number of very significant designers from the 1950s and ’60s, and shows the designs they managed to save – none of which were ever intended to be viewed by the public, much less broadcast in a film 60+ years later.

Visit American Dreaming here.

RogerHughetOldsmobileToronado1968-1024x667 Norbert-Ostrowski-AMC-Matador-mid-1960s-1024x460 CharlesBaloghFord1953-1024x780 JohnSamsenCuda1969-1024x433 BillRobinsonPackard1951-1024x483 BenKrollRichardArbibPackard1953-1024x538 Del-CoatesStudebaker1957 CarlRenner1953-1024x833 GeorgeKrispinskyPlymouth-Fury1958-1024x729 RodellSmithFord1963-1024x664

Discovered via PBS.

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