This is the new A.T.P. helmet, it’s a collaborative effort between British motorcycle outfitters Malle and European motorcycle helmet company Nexx.

If you were wondering what the A.T.P. acronym stands for, it’s All Terrain Protection, as this helmet is designed for motorcycle adventures both on the asphalt and off.

A.T.P. Helmet By Malle x Nexx 1

Image DescriptionWith a full carbon fiber shell and a weight of just 1.35 kilograms (2.9 lbs), the A.T.P. Helmet is one of the lightest in its class.

The team at Malle spent two years working with Nexx on the design and materials of their first joint helmet – the project unofficially kicked off when they all met at a motorcycle race in northern Portugal.

Nexx is one of the last truly European helmet manufacturers, they still make all of their helmets in Europe to ensure they can closely monitor quality at each step of the process from their headquarters in Anadia, Portugal.

The A.T.P. Helmet had a new shell design made entirely of carbon fiber to ensure the lowest possible weight and highest possible strength. It has an impact absorbing EPS liner and the helmet is approved by both the DOT (USA) and ECE (Europe).

A.T.P. Helmet By Malle x Nexx 7

Image DescriptionThe helmet is designed for dual sport use, that is both on and off road use, and it can be modified by adding or removing the peak visor and shield when needed.

A removable aerodynamic sun peak comes as standard with each helmet, as well as a chin wind stopper, customizable reflective graphics boards, and a removable tinted visor. The helmet also has venting on the chin bar, a classic double-D closure system, and removeable/washable X-Smart moisture wicking liner.

Orders for the A.T.P. Helmet by Malle x Nexx are now being taken, the MSRP is $482 USD, sizing ranges from XS up to XXL, and they’ll start shipping in November of 2022.

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