3D Norton Manx M30 by Niels Schoen

Now I’m not entirely sure how far we’ve come with technology regarding 3D printers, I’m hoping that we aren’t too far away from the day when I can be emailed a SolidWorks file from a man like Niels Schoen, click “print” and have my deskjet roll out a fullscale, fully functioning Norton Manx M30. 

The images you’re looking at were painstakingly created by Niels, he has a Norton Manx M30 sitting in his living room (don’t we all?) and 9 months ago he began taking it apart, measuring each component and inputting them all into the 3D computer modelling program SolidWorks. The end result is a minutely accurate 3D Norton Manx.

Now try to tell me you don’t want a 3D printer as much as I do.

Story and images courtesy of Frank @ MotArt, if you aren’t familiar with MotArt do yourself a favour and check it out, the site deserves a prime position in any self-respecting petrolheads bookmark folder.

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