Limited Edition “On Any Sunday” Helmet by Troy Lee Designs

The 1971 documentary film On Any Sunday is compulsory viewing for any motorcycle enthusiast. In fact if you haven’t seen it I’m going to ask you to go grab it from iTunes here, watch it, then come back and keep reading.

Ok, now we’re all on the same page.

Troy Lee Designs have created a limited edition On Any Sunday tribute helmet (pictured below) it’s not a decorative lid though, it surpasses DOT specifications and has a full carbon/composite outer shell with a dual density EPS (expanded polystyrene) liner.

The helmet ships with a bag that screams retrotastic-cool (pictured above), the whole shebang is yours for $450 USD via Troy Lee Designs.

Helmet Features:

  • Technologically advanced carbon/composite shell construction
  • Aerodynamic shell design
  • Vintage edge trim design with stitching
  • High flow intake and exhaust ports for maximum ventilation
  • Dual Density EPS liner
  • EPS channeling for optimal airflow
  • Includes helmet bag to protect your investment
  • High quality titanium or aluminum hardware
  • Troy Lee Designs helmet emblem
  • Classic style visor


Via Troy Lee Designs

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