2013 Brammo Empulse RR ‘Sauvetage’

Sauvetage Brammo Empluse RR Icon

I love electric motorcycles, they don’t make the same thundering roar as more traditional gasoline powered bikes but they do offer extraordinary torque, low maintenance and an interesting engine noise not entirely unlike Luke Skywalkers Land Speeder.

The biggest issue faced by electric motorcycles, and electric vehicles in general, is the current limitations on battery power. This issue battery become a mute point when you start to talk about racing though, if you have a set number of laps on a fixed length circuit, then you just need enough electrons to spin the copper till you pass the checkered flag. Job done.

2013 Brammo Empulse RR

This is where electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo comes in, their latest racing bike, the 2013 Brammo Empulse RR and it’s set to take to the track for the new racing series organised by FIM and TTXGP. The bike pictured here is one of two that’ll be run during the 2013 season, Icon is the primary sponsor of the Brammo team and so they design the helmets, racing suits, pit-crew suits, motorcycle decals, racing gloves, boots and everything else needed by a world class racing team. Both bikes are eye-catching to say the least with this red one being my personal favourite. Because red goes faster.

This bike has been dubbed ‘Sauvetage’ and will be ridden by Steve Atlas throughout the 2013 season, if you’d like to see the other bike you can click to visit Icon, alternatively you can click to visit Brammo and place an order for your own Empulse.

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