This is the Zippo Typhoon Match Kit, and as the name suggests, it’s a kit that includes stormproof matches that will prove invaluable the next time you find yourself needing to get a campfire going in inclement weather.

The outer case is made from ABS and it’s sealed with an O-ring – once the lid is screwed down tight it’s both air and watertight – handy for keeping your matches dry and ready to go when needed.

Zippo Typhoon Match Kit 7

Image DescriptionThe Zippo Typhoon Match Kit contains 15 wind and waterproof matches that have a 30 second burn time each. Kits of 30 match refills can be bought once you run out.

Inside you’ll find 15 matches with a windproof and water-resistant coating. The lid doubles as a strike pad and just to be on the safe side, there are extra strike pads included inside.

Each match measures in at four inches long and it will burn for 30 seconds, making it ideal for situations when you need to light tinder that may not be as dry as you’d like.

The Typhoon Match Kit retails for $15 USD and Zippo fully intend people to put them to good use, which is why they offer 30 match refill kits for $10 USD apiece.

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