Then Undone Newman Chronograph is a watch that looks considerably more expensive than it actually is, which is somewhat of a rare thing in the world of wristwatches.

For people like me who have a habit of accidentally clunking their wrists and hands into tables, chairs, doorknobs, and a whole host of other intimate wrist-height objects, the idea of an inexpensive but still handsome timepiece is very appealing.

Undone was founded in 2014 by a team of watch industry veterans who wanted to create their own personalized watches, without sacrificing quality or style. When you order your watch, the website walks you through a process of choosing your favorite case color and finish, dial type, hands, strap, and case back – allowing you to create your own unique design.

The Undone Newman Chronograph is an in-house design chosen to showcase many of the options buyers have when ordering. Its design is an homage to the iconic Rolex Daytona ref. 6263 famously worn by Paul Newman. It has a 40mm 316L stainless steel case, a hardened dome K1 crystal, a 3ATM water-resistance rating, and a VK61A MechaQuartz “Hybrid” movement that offers bulletproof reliability.

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Undone Newman Chronograph Watch Details

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