2013 Triumph Scrambler Custom

Triumph Scrambler Custom

We featured the official 2013 Triumph Scrambler last week, in the process of writing that piece I got to talking with Joao Alves of Somos and we pondered what a proper, balls-to-the-wall Triumph Scrambler designed to race across Baja would look like.

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This is what we, and by we I mean Joao, came up with. It’s a 2013 Scrambler fitted with beefy Ohlins shock absorbers up front, a Renthal gear-bar fitted with GPS and a road book, a carbon fibre engine/sump guard, a tail section from a Kawazaki KDX 220 Enduro and an Arrow exhaust modelled on the unit used by Chaleco Lopez on his Dakar Aprilia.

A circular number plate was fitted at the back as a hat-tip to the retro desert racers loved by McQueen, a mechanic’s pouch has been added to the fuel tank, a set of proper PIAA headlights have been added as has a set of exceptionally knobbly off-road tires.

Now sadly, we’re not currently in a position to buy a new Scrambler and spend $10,000+ USD tweaking it to quite this level of insanity. But now at least we have a shopping list, just in case our lottery numbers ever come up.

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