This is the new Tamiya Ford Escort Mk II Rally, it’s a 1/10th scale remote control car designed to appeal to first time builders and hardcore enthusiasts alike. This is an R/C car that’ll have strong appeal to a broad cross-section of people due to the fact that the Mk II Escort is one of the most beloved rally cars of its time.

The Tamiya version of the Mk II measures in at 414mm long and 163mm wide, which works out to 16.2″ by 6.4,” and it has four-wheel double wishbone suspension. Unlike the original with its rear-wheel drive, this model has four-wheel drive with power sent to both the front and rear axles.

The car comes in kit form with a polycarbonate body pre-painted in white, and separately molded plastic components are included to recreate the bumpers, side mirrors, and fog lamps. Stickers are also included to recreate blue livery sections, sponsor logos, and driver and co-driver labels for Hannu Mikkola and Arnie Hertz respectively.

Tamiya Ford Escort Mk II Rally RC Car Box

This model uses the Tamiya MF-01X chassis which was designed for use on both asphalt and dirt surfaces, it’s powered by a Tamiya Torque Tuned Motor, and it includes a Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC (electronic speed control) Capable of running sensor brushless motors and brushed motors alike.

The Mark II Ford Escort was originally released in 1974 and it quickly established itself as a worth successor to the Mk I, becoming a serious competitor with over 20 World Rally Championship round wins.

The Mk II would also win the RAC Rally every year from 1975 to 1979, and it would win the 1979 World Rally Championship title with Björn Waldegård claiming the drivers’ title, Hannu Mikkola coming second, and Ari Vatanen finishing in fifth place, all driving Ford Escort Mk IIs.

As mentioned above this is a brand new model from Tamiya and the company is currently taking pre-orders for it which look to be filling out fast. If you’d like to place a pre-order yourself you can click here to visit the listing, it’ll cost you £179.99 and don’t forget to grab yourself a racing package if you need the charger, battery, and servos.

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Tamiya Ford Escort Mk II Rally RC Car Collage 2 Tamiya Ford Escort Mk II Rally RC Car Collage

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