Stories of Bike is a film series by director Cam Elkins, it’s quickly garnered a huge amount of respect and airtime around the world and if you’re a motorcyclist, you owe it to yourself to watch each of the films at least once.

This film is the story of Jonathan, a guy who decided to buy a motorcycle that was the same make and model as the one his grandfather used to own – and then ride it from Sydney to London to raise awareness about male depression and suicide.

Although it may sound like madness to attempt to ride a 45 year old Royal Enfield Bullet 350 over half way around the world, it’s actually not a bad decision – the Royal Enfield is hugely popular in South East Asia and India, which means spare parts and mechanics who know how to work on the Bullet will be easy to come by.

If you like a good adventure story I suggest you make yourself a coffee and hit play on the video above, you’ll be glad you did. If you’d like to contribute to the cause, you can click here to visit the fund-raising page and if you’d like to visit Jonathan’s blog to monitor his progress and you can click here.

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