The new Saint Model 1 motorcycle jeans are the first in the world to use a single-layer of abrasion resistant material – rather than the twin-layer denim/Kevlar designs usually employed. This was made possibly by the development of a new type of denim, using a double warp beam to blend the world’s strongest fiber UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) and cotton, making the 14oz Denim 15 times stronger than carbon steel, but still breathable and light enough to float on water.

The new technical denim has full CE EN13595-1 approval, classed as ‘protective clothing for professional motorcycle riders’, which includes tests for abrasion, puncture and tear-resistantance. The Saint Model 1 jeans are capable of withstanding 5.9 seconds of asphalt slide time – approximately 246 feet depending on speed. Each pair of Model 1s ship with removable CE Level 2 activated hip armour, and removable and adjustable CE Level 1 activated knee armour.

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