Although modern motorcycles have blessed us with reliability, ABS, traction control, heated grips, and much more, there’s still a lot to be said for the motorcycles our grandparents rode. Simple machines with carburettors, pushrods, air-cooling, drum brakes, kick starters, and no synchro on first.

Yes they breakdown sometimes, they leak oil, and they don’t always start first time, but it’s a small price to pay for the experience of riding machines with heritage, history, and character. Now, where did I leave that tool roll?

100% of all profits generated from these t-shirt sales goes directly to keeping Silodrome online – Silodrome is an independent website with no corporate overlords, these sales will ensure that the site survives and thrives as we all roll further into the 21st century.

Each of these t-shirts is made from an exceptionally comfortable 60/40 blend of cotton and poly. The fabric is both combed and ringspun for a soft texture and a premium feel. The design is professionally screenprinted onto a dark charcoal grey tee, sizing ranges from XS through to 3XL and there’s a handy sizing chart to ensure you get the perfect fit first time.

In countless peer-reviewed laboratory tests this t-shirt has been scientifically proven to make you slimmer, more handsome, and a more considerate love-maker. Our lawyers have carefully explained that we need to tell you literally nothing we said in that previous sentence is true. Everything else is though.

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