This is the Retro Heritage Heavy Leather Punching Bag by Modest Vintage Player, each bag is made by hand using the materials and techniques used in the golden age of boxing, and they make a perfect addition to any garage, basement, or shed.

Modest Vintage Player (MVP) was founded specifically to bring classically styled and built athletic equipment back into production. They don’t use plastics or PVCs, just materials like heavy-duty top grain cowhide, stainless steel chains, and exotic timbers.

Retro Heritage Heavy Leather Punching Bag By MVP Collage

Image DescriptionEach of these bags is made from heavy-duty top grain cowhide so they can take decades worth of hits and each will develop its own patina over time.

The boxing bag shown here is one of MVP’s best sellers, it measures in at 5 ft long and it’s suspended from the ceiling with a heavy duty stainless steel chain attached to the bag at four points.

The bag itself is made from heavy-duty top grain cowhide with reinforced hand-stitching, the leather will develop its own unique patina with age and use.

Modest Vintage Player Pro Leather Boxing Gloves

Image DescriptionThese are the Pro Leather Boxing Gloves from MVP, they’re made from full-grain cowhide leather and handcrafted by third-generation boxing glove artisans.

For obvious weight reasons, each bag comes unfilled. MVP recommends using a combination of scrap fabric or clothing (sourced cheaply from a secondhand shop) layered with 4 to 5 small sandbags for weight, these materials are easy to source and they’re period correct as it’s what they used back in the day.

MVP also sells a variety of traditional leather boxing gloves, other leather bag types, classic medicine balls, leather gym bags, and even a selection of traditional leather driving gloves. The Retro Heritage Heavy Leather Punching Bag costs $409 USD and the gloves we’ve shown here cost $125.

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