Anfibio Cafe Boot by Dainese

retro motorcycle boot

The Anfibio Cafe Boot by Dainese is just about the perfect solution for people looking for that classic, retro motorcycle boot but not wanting to forgo anything in the way of safety. The Italian brand Dainese is already a highly-regarded company in the international motorcycling community so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that their offerings to the retro-gods are kitted out with toe, heel and ankle armour, a double jersey airgap liner and heavy duty cowhide.

From a style perspective, the Anfibio Cafe Boot has the look of a classic “Rocker Boot” made popular in the 1960s during the golden age of the cafe racer. The design of the boots is such that you could happily wear it around town with no one noticing that it’s not a regular boot – the only clue that they’re motorcycle boots is that iconic strap over the toe that acts as a shifter guard.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of boots that’ll outlast North Korea’s nuclear arsenal, click the link here to visit Dainese.
classic motorcycle boots

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