Ducati 900TT by Rad Ducati

I have a long held love of the team over at Rad Ducati, their stunning technical ability is matched by the rare talent needed to create a bike that looks as good as it handles. Not many builders pull this off.

This bike started life as a 1992 Ducati 900TT, already a very serious bike in it’s own right. Interestingly, the first thing Rad Ducati did was add a modified Yamaha TZ 250 GP solo seat and modified Yamaha TZ 250 GP front fairings. Tell this to any hardcore Ducatiphile and they’ll be frothing at the mouth but the end result with this bike is superb.

After tweaking the bodywork they added Tomaselli clip ons, an Ohlins rear shock absorber, SP rear sets, SPARK universal megaphone mufflers, a Dynojet carburettor kit and they pulled out the engine blueprinted it and ported the heads. They finished the job with a beautiful, ’70s style Ducati paint job and by the look of that tortured rear tire, this is a bike that’s seen some serious track time.

From what I’ve read, the Rad Ducati 900TT is apparently just as fast as it looks, here’s hoping that the design team at Ducati Sport Classic see it and take some notes.

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Published by Ben Branch -