This is the Quarter Cutter™, it’s a real American quarter that’s been modified to include a hidden curved steel blade that can be used after you pull the two halves of the coin apart.

The original purpose of the design is to help people escape unlawful captivity, however it also makes a unique package and letter opener that takes up very little space in your wallet or pocket.

Quarter Cutter

The Quarter Cutter™ is made in America as specialty police and military equipment, though it’s available to be purchased by members of the general public if they wish. That said it would be wise not to accidentally try to take it on an aircraft or into any other protected area for very obvious reasons.

It’s recommended to keep the Quarter Cutter™ with a few other American coins in your back pocket or wallet, as coins rarely arouse any suspicion. It can then be accessed quickly and easily even if your hands are tied behind your back, allowing you to cut through cord, rope, duct tape, or plastic zip-ties.

Of course, for the vast majority of us there is very little risk of being unlawfully detained and as such the coin will be more of a conversation piece with most of its actual use coming down to opening Amazon packages, letters, and cutting the occasional loose thread.

Quarter Cutter 2

The curved knife blade is made from high-grade Japanese stainless steel that’s designed to last through years of regular use. The Quarter Cutter™ isn’t cheap, in fact outside of coin collecting circles it’s probably the most expensive quarter in the world with an MSRP of $39 USD, but you never know just how handy it might be.

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