The Polydrop is a geometrically designed camper that is said to have a 70% air resistance reduction when compared with a standard teardrop camper, it includes an outdoor kitchenette in the back, and its creators describe the interior as being like a space capsule.

The Teardrop Camper Concept

The fundamental concept of the teardrop camper is nothing new, it’s been around for decades after having been originally designed to offer a smaller and cheaper camper trailer that can be towed by a wide variety of vehicles due to its low weight.

Polydrop Teardrop Camper Aerodynamics

Image DescriptionThe team at Polydrop claim a 70% air resistance reduction when compared with standard teardrop camper designs.

Teardrop campers are generally set up with a double bed and some storage space inside, more advanced modern designs can have fold-out kitchenettes in the rear, solar panels on the roof, and their own battery-powered electrical systems.

The “teardrop” name comes from the look of the side profile of the camper, they’re generally shaped in this way to offer lower aerodynamic drag, even when towed behind smaller cars.

The Polydrop Teardrop Camper

The Polydrop Teardrop Camper is a new take on the age-old concept, the design team eschewed the more traditional curved lines of the classic teardrop camper in favor of a geometric design somewhat akin to the Tesla Cybertruck.

It’s important to note that the creators of the Polydrop, Kyung-Hyun and Jieun, actually completed their design and built a prototype in 2017 and took it on a road trip – two years before the launch of the Cybertruck. So this is no simple copycat.

Polydrop Teardrop Camper Interior 2

Image DescriptionThe interior has a double bed, storage space, ventilation, and the higher-end models have air-conditioning, a solar roof, larger battery banks, and more.

The Polydrop does in three versions, the entry level P17 Essential for $16,990, the mid level P17A1 All Electric for $28,990, and the high end P17X Explorer for $34,990.

The entry level model comes with all the basics including the outdoor kitchenette with a two-burner stove, a refrigerator, and a built-in battery system for powering your devices.

The two higher end models have a number of more advanced features including air-conditioning and heating, solar panels, a much larger battery system, a built-in sound system, and plenty more.

Depending on which model you choose the least time on delivery can be anything from six to ten months, and each model has a series of optional upgrades that you can choose from at the time of ordering.

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