These are Piloti’s Avenue driving shoes, they’re designed specifically for driving but they’re considerably more subtle than driving boots which allows you to wear them without looking like you’ve just stumbled out of the Daytona 24 Hour paddock.

Piloti have made a name for themselves in recent years by designing non-traditional shoes for motorists, and as a result they’ve turned much of the deeply traditional world of driving shoes on its head.

The company has released a slew of fresh designs focussed on drivers while not neglecting things like style and general walking comfort.

The racing red Avenue driving shoes you see here feature Piloti’s patented Roll Control 2.0™ heel technology, this is essentially a heel design that was developed to offer both grip and comfort for the back of your foot as it rests on the carpet in the pedal box while driving.

Piloti Avenue Driving Shoe

The forefoot of the shoes is soft and designed to communicate pedal feel, the sole edges are rounded to avoid catching on the sides of the pedals, and they have a steel torsion bar for improved foot stability.

For additional comfort the Avenue shoes have an ONSTEAM® anti-microbial lining for moisture and odor control, as well as a contoured cork and EVA foam insole, with an impact foam layer for impact protection.

All Piloti shoes are handmade in either Portugal or Italy in order to ensure a high-level of quality control, and the upper of the Avenue shoe is made from top grain Italian leather.

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