Karesuando Nallo Button Lock Folding Knife – Made In Sweden

Karesuando Nallo Button Lock Folding Knife

  Karesuando is a Swedish foundry located 250 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, inline with the centre of Greenland or the northernmost regions of Canada. The village was originally settled in 1670 and it’s been occupied ever since, Reindeer husbandry is the primary local industry, with Karesuando falling within the Könkämä reindeer-herding region. The…

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Monaco Grand Prix Documentary: Jewel In The Crown

six-wheeled Tyrrell F1 car

  Editor’s Note: If the film isn’t loading for you, you can view it directly on YouTube here. —– This documentary, “Jewel In The Crown”, is a look back from 1992 to the very early days of what is almost certainly the most famous Grand Prix on the Formula 1 calendar. Despite its diminutive size,…

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The New Honda Monkey 125 1:12 Scale Tamiya Model

Honda Monkey 125 Tamiya Model

  This is the new Tamiya 1:12 scale model of the also-new Honda Monkey 125. The new Honda was released in 2018 as a 2019 model, evoking the styling of the much loved Honda “Monkey” Z50 series from the ’60s and ’70s. The new Honda Monkey 125 is designed for adults, though it’s obviously smaller…

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A Rare Original Maserati Regolarità Scrambler

Maserati Regolarità Motorcycle Scrambler Main

  This is a rare, original Maserati Regolarità scrambler, a motorcycle that even many longtime fans of classic motorcycles have never heard of. Including me. The fact that Maserati used to make motorcycles is reasonably well-known, but not many realize that the company that made Maserati motorcycles wasn’t directly connected to the Maserati automobile marque….

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